FastGecko Review

Thanks for checking out my FastGecko Review.

If You want to start creating digital products or courses to sell or give away for free BUT you don't
know how to set up the training course on a webpage and integrate the payment system then FastGecko is
for you.

FastGecko is a wordpress plugin which allows you to quickly and efficiently set up your digital
training course on your wordpress site. Whether you choose to make it in video or written format,
fastgecko quickly arranges your content into modules in a sleek and responsive presentation which
looks great on both desktop and mobile.

Fastgecko also handles the membership aspect of your course which is awesome as this can be quite
technical if you were to set it up manually (creating usernames & passwords can be a real pain).

The plugin also integrates seamlessly with a veriety of different payment processors like JVzoo,
Clickbank and Paypal via IPN and also hosted locally using Stripe.

All in all fast gecko is a great little plug in that comes at a fraction of the price of click funnels
which is it's closest competitor for creating online membership courses.

I hope you enjoyed my FastGecko Review.